The Austrian-based quintet performs groovy and gentle as well as striking versions of Icelandic folk music.

These five musicians take our desires to a place where all wishes come true, even if just for a while: to nowhere, to no man’s land, to Iceland where sounds paint a perfect world in the most magnificent colours.

Along with the accordionist Roman Pechmann, the Icelandic singer Milka Pajukallio inspires our imagination. The percussionist Nora Schnabl-Andritsch enchants the audience not only with her voice but also with her vivid, original and at the same time sensitive playing. The soulful performance of the violist Peter Andritsch paints out the myths and the magical colours of Iceland. The melodies make the distant land seem so very close and form a bridge to the images in our head, to our imagination. Carles Muñoz Camarero’s sensual, groovy and multifarious play on the violoncello brings a new interpretation to Icelandic music. The songs which originated from countless stories from a different cultural environment were inspired by our human longings. This is fitting for the seasons of self-reflection, autumn and winter. These captivating songs carry us with their fire into nowhere, to Iceland.

The CD published in September 2016 was masterly played and arranged. It reflects the spontaneity and the extensive stylistic variety the band has to offer. Both boldly traditional as well as deeply anchored in the field of improvisation and world music, this music is versatile, surprising and virtuous.

Milka Pajukallio/ Vocals/ Kantele
Nora Schnabl-Andritsch/ Percussion/ Vocals
Roman Pechmann/ Akkordeon
Peter Andritsch/ Viola
Carles Muñoz Camarero/Violoncello

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